There Must Be A God

Andrew PetersonAndrew Peterson in his Easter Monday concerts has said that he has seen so much beauty in life - so much goodness - so much of God showing up in other's eyes, that he's convinced there must be a God

Being me, I look immediately at the opposite and wonder if that is also true...

I've seen so much brokenness, darkness, despair, hopelessness, and pain... (and the fact that I, and so many others, are still here), we've been brought through the fires, we've been saved, selected out, set apart, made holy, been blessed with the understanding of God - chosen by Him to know Him - that there can be no other explanation except there is a God and He does care about us... (He cares enough to bring us through our refining process and stay with us not only through it, but after it as well, and for ever.

And, since there is a God, what He says must be true also, and THAT means that we're going to continue to experience hope and faithfulness and love in ever greater measures, culminating in the ultimate fulfillment of the same, when we experience their perfect versions in physical relationship with God in eternal life. (I can wait, but I don't want to...)

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