Good Day To You - Busy Day - The CDs Are Arriving!

Seasons Hospice House Garden Party 2023Good day to you! (Sounds like I'm one of those foreign emails I get that wants me to donate money in order to get my inheritance from my long lost whoever...)  But that's not this!

Today is a big day... I start out by tracking our finances (which I do every weekday - or when the market's open) - that usually takes an hour. It's payday today so that means reconciling the budget with the bills. Then, I prepare and eat breakfast while watching online videos from Dr. Henry Cloud, Max Lucado, and Passion City Church with Louie Giglio. I have to put new strings on the guitar, change the batteries, and practice performing for the three bookings I get to participate in this week.

Seasons Hospice House Garden Party 2023The new lawn fertilizer is coming FedEx today so we can finally stop neglecting our lawn (I feel like it's a pet we haven't been feeding - but God is supposed to feed it, right? Right! - That's why He put us in charge of His creation - to take care of these kinds of things - and The Spirit of The Father walks with us and even helps us in our tasks... Sorry, God, we'll get right on that. Thank You for forgiving us and helping us continue to be better managers of what You've entrusted to us.  And thank you to John Perry and his Lawncology for pointing us in a better direction.)

The Chosen OnesThe Erin TrilogyThe two new albums, The Chosen Ones, and The Erin Trilogy arrive today from UPS and we're planning on taping the unboxing... (that sounds confusing - like we taping the boxes back up - videotaping, but we don't use tape anymore, it's digital now, so recording the unboxing would be more appropriate) and making a little commercial about that.

Then we have a 4th of July get-together to plan for and host...

So, my day is pretty busy - probably a lot like your days!  Hope to see you there if you can make it!

Drew Jarrod Live! In Concert

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