The Mark Of The Christian

A mark of the Christian - the Christ-follower, the Christ-way - is whether they can forgive and reinstate. (That is what Jesus saw his father doing in him.)  I have rarely met someone who forgives (let alone reinstates people).  (Except…

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Don't Hide Behind The Excuse Of Stereotype

I think men (and women) too often hide behind the excuse of stereotype... I find it hard to believe that men are THAT insensitive or THAT thoughtless or THAT emotionless... I think it's an excuse to not have to try…

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Jesus Does All The Work Of Making Us

Jesus does all the work to make us into disciples... 
And, as we are being MADE into disciples we make other disciples... 
And, as we make other disciples, we continue to be MADE by Jesus. 
It's a life-long... way of…

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God Loves Us Into Relationship With Him

This is why God just loves us into relationship with him - why He just loves us into real truth... If he were to do anything else, he would be accused of trying to gaslight us all into loving him…

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There Must Be A God

Andrew Peterson in his Easter Monday concerts has said that he has seen so much beauty in life - so much goodness - so much of God showing up in other's eyes, that he's convinced there must be a God

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Mystery Man
Rochester Magazine, February 2011 Issue
by Jennifer Koski
Photo by Jerry Olson

The Couple:
Drew and Erin Jarrod
(As told by Drew)

On our 10-month anniversary, Erin was to meet me at my apartment at 10 a.m. so…

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Recently, when a friend expressed interest in taking photographs, I thought she might be interested in using our camera to take pictures of us for music albums or book covers. She eagerly agreed and commented many times how much she…

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How Does God Speak To You?

Specifically, I am wondering if God speaks to men and women differently... (but listing any way in which God speaks to you will be helpful.)

As a woman or man, how does God speak to you?
Do you even hear…

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What if?

Life IS NOT Meaningless. There is hope. Yesterday I spent the day with my oldest boy and we went to a park. On one of the metal park beams holding up the slide was a message written in black marker,…

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