"More" ~ The Story Behind The Song

More [Gabriel's Choice]

Drew Jarrod

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More [Gabriel's Choice] Words by Drew Jarrod/Erin Jarrod Music by Drew Jarrod ℗© 8-5-2019 Erin Jarrod/Drew Jarrod (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Produced by Zach Zurn

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"This song is awesome!  Where have you been?" ~Dawn, Rochester, MN

More (2019)

“I wrote this song at a shatter point in my life when the time of living in this broken world (and the pain of disconnection from it) finally helped drive me to understand that the only other place I could go was to God.  But how would I get there?

Thank God for His son, Jesus, who, by His work on the cross, made it possible for me to be with God in the here and now (so that I didn't have to wait until I died to be with him).

Did you know that you are the apple of God's eye?  I didn't understand that for 47 years...

I understand it now.

We all want to be more.  We all feel like we should be more and I think we all instinctively feel that some part(s) of us are.

The more parts of ourselves we hide in God - the more we live from inside or beside God - from our relationship with God - the more we understand we are special and wanted and valuable and prized!

The MORE in us is all the parts we have given (or were driven), to Him and are now living from and with Him in this life.”

~Drew Jarrod

"When they insist… I’m not… 
You say, 'I AM!'"

~Drew Jarrod "More" (2019)

The more we live from our relationship with God, the more we understand we are special and wanted and valuable and prized!”

More [Gabriel’s Choice]
Words by The Holy Spirit/Drew Jarrod/Erin Jarrod
Music by The Holy Spirit/Drew Jarrod
℗© 8-5-2019 Erin Jarrod/Drew Jarrod (BMI).  All Rights Reserved.

I try to stay afloat in this world
that has sunk my boat.
(I'm) up and down, all turned around;
I don't know which way is Home.

With constant thoughts of quitting
I don't know how I've survived.
My body's gettin’ tired,
I might not have a choice…
Should I conform?

When they laugh at me, should I cry?
When they threaten me, should I fight?
When the world doesn't care, should I?
When they say I am less, am I really?

More...  I want to be more.

(I feel) the sun on my face
The surf on a shore
Totally relaxed…
Catch my breath…

(I) turn my head - a new perspective -
the sky wide above.
Is there really someone up there -
who can help - who cares enough?
I want to believe…

…when they laugh at me,
it makes You cry.
…when they kill me inside,
that’s why You died.
…when the world doesn't care,
You care more.
…when they say I am less,
You say I am more.

I have to believe...
I need to believe that...

When a part of me dies
does it go to Your side?
I must be mostly with You now.
I wonder, what's left to abide?

I feel more at home
the less of me that's here.
The weaker I get,
the less I have to fear.
Though I'm outnumbered here,
I am not alone;
I am more with One
the greatest One I know.

When they laugh at me,
that is when You cry.
When the world around me kills,
that’s when You revive.
When it doesn't care
You say You care more.
When they say I am less,
You say I am more.

I'm tired of being less.
Is any of my heart left?
I know I'm not alone
in feeling I'm alone.
When they just don’t care
…You care more.
When they say we are less,
…You are more.

Yes, I am more at home.
There's less of me near.
I am more with One, now,
than I've ever been here.
When they say I am not,
You say that I am.
When they insist… I’m not…
You say, “I AM!

More.  One is more.
I AM more.  One is more.”

Lyrics - Drew Jarrod/Erin Jarrod
Music - Drew Jarrod
Arrangement - Zach Zurn/Drew Jarrod/Erin Jarrod/Gabriel Jarrod
Vocals/BGVs - Drew Jarrod/
Zach Zurn
Acoustic Guitar - Drew Jarrod
Tambourine/Shaker - Drew Jarrod
Producer, Pianos, Synths, Electric & Bass Guitars, Percussion - Zach Zurn
Sound Engineer/Mixing/Mastering - Zach Zurn/Nikola Hamilton/Drew Jarrod
Recording - Carpet Booth Studios
Artwork - Erin Jarrod