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Born Blind (John 9) [Luke's Choice] (3:19)
Words and Music by Drew Jarrod
℗ & © 10/25/1996 Drew Jarrod (BMI). All Rights Reserved.
Produced by Zach Zurn
Photos & Artwork by Erin Jarrod


Jesus’ fishermen
saw a man in Jerusalem
when they asked the Teacher why
this man was born blind. (He said,)

“This man nor his parents sinned,”
but it's an opening for God to come in,
redeem more souls, and restore the sight
of many who are blind.

(So) Jesus knelt in the dust.
Heaven’s work accomplished!
Jesus sent him on to wade.
With earth, you are remade.

“This man, born blind…
Love can work in his life. (We must…)
Do God's work in My light
for soon it will be night.”

Neighbors took him to the Pharisees
when he said he could see.
“Where is the one who opened your eyes?”
“I don’t know,” he sighed.

“I was born blind,
but now I see just fine!
Jesus put mud on my eyes,
and now I have sight!”

His parents, called by the Pharisees,
were stunned to know their son could see:
“How can this be, who opened his eyes,
we don’t know, he was born blind.”

So, this man born blind,
when asked again, replied,
(Yeah,) “All I know, is now I see,
and before, I was blind!”

We're all born blind.
Love can work in our lives.
Jesus came to open our eyes
because we are born blind.

(Jesus came)
because we are born blind.

Lyrics and Music - Drew Jarrod
Arrangement - Zach Zurn/Erin Jarrod/Gabriel Jarrod/Orion Jarrod/Luke Jarrod/Drew Jarrod
Producer, Pianos, Synths, Electric & Bass Guitars, Percussion - Zach Zurn
Vocals - Drew Jarrod/Zach Zurn
Acoustic Guitar - Drew Jarrod
Mixing/Mastering - Zach Zurn/Nikola Hamilton
Artwork - Erin Jarrod/Luke Jarrod/Drew Jarrod