God Physics

We understand there are physical rules that govern life on earth.  Gravity, motion, force, etc.  And everything that exists here or has ever existed on this earth has been, at one point, created.  There is nothing here, that just "is."  God is the only thing that has ever (or will ever) just "be."  And I believe there are spiritual rules that just "are" that govern, revolve around, that just exist and are operating in the spiritual realm.

One of the things we think we understand in the physical world is an assumption that "God is a killer and, killing is bad."  Just read the Old Testament.  Whole races that are against God are wiped out.  (Read the New Testament.  Even the ones who supposedly are on God's team die brutally and undeservedly we think.  We see this and understand this from our physical perspective and our human understanding.  Many of us (including Christians) feel at heart, "God is a killer."  I believe the spiritual physic is (and has been) in place from before the beginning.  In the realm where God "lives" - where his will is done - I think we find that things operate on a different premise:  God is a life-bringer, not a killer.  It has always been this way, and it will always be.

God is immovable, unbreakable.  When you attack him, you bounce off (actually you would incinerate before you'd even reach him).  God is unchangeable.  He is love, grace, mercy, protector, father, friend, spouse, counselor, forgiver, redeemer, etc.  He cannot and will not change to be anything other than who he is and always has been.  (It would be against the physic of his realm to change - to not be dependable.)

Now, I would also argue that the "ways" in which God never changes his purposes, will, desire, aim, focus, goals, etc., do change.  He loved the Israelites and came to them in the desert of Sinai.  And, coming in all his glory, his intended was frightened because she didn't understand all that power was FOR her, not against.  God's will and plan didn't change, the physic - the rule - didn't change, God still intends to make us his Bride, but he had to (and I don't have the word for what he DID) but God continued to love, he continued to pursue, he continued to teach, he continued to model, he continued to bring life - the physic never changed - God still came, and his will was accomplished even better than before because now, people were running to God, Jesus, the babe in the manger, instead of running away from God, Jesus, the Bridegroom on the firey mountain.

God is a life-bringer as sure and true as it ever was.  People and even angels from before time have bristled - come up against God - rebelled against the natural, existing, spiritual physic, and paid the price.  Not because God took vengeance, but because of the natural, spiritual physics that are at work.  You can't play with fire and expect to not burn yourself at some point.  You can run into the sea, but you can't run in the sea.  You can't run into a brick wall and not hurt yourself.  (You may even kill yourself if you run hard enough.)  What if humanity has been killing itself "on God" instead of God always killing us?  What if, by our actions, we have been attacking God, and our bullets are ricocheting off him, bouncing back, and killing us?  What would happen if we stop shooting?

Why is it that we automatically "see" that we have the "right" way of looking at God?  Is it because we think WE are in charge (or should be)?  Is it because we don't want to relinquish that which is not ours to begin with?  Why don't we want to give up our authority over God - something we have never had and never will have?  (God is God, we are not.)

I think always understanding - always looking at - God as The Life-Bringer, instead of a killer, will fundamentally alter your view of him.  And if we saw God like this, we would be so attracted to him, respective of his Godness, and wanting to work under his authority - and in his provision - that we would never kill ourselves on him.

If seeing God as anything but a Life-Bringer will turn people away from him, who, I wonder, would want us to always and only see God as a killer?  Who would benefit from us believing that?

The Good News is that God is not just immortal and unstoppable, he is kind and gracious and giving and he has been warning us and appealing to us for millennia to give up our striving against him because he has told us that will hurt us.  God doesn't harm anyone and he never sends anyone to hell... (we do that to ourselves).  He has also told us what will help us and bring us life: He will - His will, and his way.  Surrendering to that understanding brings us peace, truth, and real life.  (It brings us closer to true life, true liberty, and a true happiness we've never known or maybe never even seen before.)

God always wins.  And we can win along with him, too - God has made that not only possible, but that was his will - his goal, his plan - all along. ~John 3:16-18.  It's not about him winning and us losing.  God doesn't want anyone to be losers - he wants us all to be winners. ~1 Timothy 2:4.  (He just knows something we don't always remember, that his way is the only way that leads to life.) ~John 10:25-30, 14:6. Our ways, many times, lead to our own destruction. ~Proverbs 14:12, 16:25.

Can we not admit to ourselves (or even entertain the notion) that WE could be the problem - that WE could be the killers - and God is good?

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