Mystery Man
Rochester Magazine, February 2011 Issue
by Jennifer Koski
Photo by Jerry Olson

The Couple:
Drew and Erin Jarrod
(As told by Drew)

On our 10-month anniversary, Erin was to meet me at my apartment at 10 a.m. so we could spend the day together. But when Erin got there, I wasn’t there. Instead, a friend was there with a rose and a note: It was a clue telling Erin where to go next.

All morning, Erin found more roses and notes that directed her to visit special places that we had gone to during our courtship. She finally found me at Todd Park in Austin, in the top level of the “Kool-Aid Man,” where we had carved our names together a few months earlier.

I gave Erin her ninth rose and sang a song I wrote especially for this moment with Erin’s name as its title. The last line of the song is, “And if you’ll have me, how sweet it could be ... Erin, if you’d marry me.” Then I presented the engagement ring. Erin agreed (and that’s another story).

From there, we went to The Old Mill (a 100-year-old logging mill converted into a fine-dining restaurant), where there was a cake decorated with strawberries in the shape of a heart. There, Erin received her tenth and final rose—one rose for each month we had gone out together.

You can find the engagement song, "Erin," here...