Bill, a high school teacher turned self-made millionaire, discovered at age 35, that if he purchased a used, reliable car instead of new (forgoing the car payment, the higher insurance for it being a newer car, the maintenance if it's not a reliable car, etc.), and then drive that car for at least 10 years, he could save money. 

He also discovered that if he prepared and ate most of his meals at home, rather than eating out, he could save thousands of dollars every year. 

Bill did other things as well, but these two things: buying a reliable, used car and holding it for 10 years, and eating at home, were the bulk of his investing strategy.  By sacrificing what he wanted in order to save money and then budgeting that money (by allocating a small portion of his income every paycheck to investments), he was able to take just a portion of his teacher's salary and grow that investment to over seven figures. 

Bill says, "Most people are unwilling to delay their gratification.  They want it now and are unwilling to wait for it.  This is why most people won't be able to build a million-dollar portfolio.  Until they overcome the obstacle of self, they will be stuck where they are." 

This idea of surrender not only works for personal finances, it works - it is mandatory - for spiritual, physical, and emotional functionality as well.  God has set up reality to work - to function - where we submit to his leadership, headship, lordship over us because we see and admit that He does a better job than we can of providing for our health, wealth, longevity, happiness, contentment, peace, joy - everything good for us.  This glorifies Him, but obviously, it glorifies us as well because it's just better for us. 

“Surrender is foundational - not only to Christianity, but to any way of thought.  Surrender to things in this life is reality.” ~Drew Jarrod

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