Forgiveness Through Christ, Food For Thought

Faith comes from reading the Bible.  A Christian's salvation is fact if they believe in what Jesus did by His suffering, death, and resurrection.  That is, He took our place on “death row” so we could be freed from jail (Hell) and be able to walk out through the front gates of prison and walk down the street free as a bird.  We have been given a pardon... the government recognizes (that even though we broke the "law" - we have sinned) - the slate has been wiped clean (our sins have been forgiven), so we are now like those “good” citizens who didn't break the law or sin in the first place.  God’s Justification of us by His grace, through our faith in Him, is how God the Father sees us.  White as snow... clean as a piece of white notebook paper.  Blame-less, Sin-less, Holy (set-apart) Washed in the blood of the Lamb-which is Jesus Christ.

You see, there is a new Law, now... a Higher and more Perfect Law – called Grace.  And The Grace Of God did not do away with the old law we used to live by, Grace just fulfilled the old law so perfectly, that Grace could now fill in all the gaps of the old law and become an updated version of the Law – our new standard of operating.  Grace is law, Mark II - (the next and final generation/iteration of how we will live now, and throughout eternity).  The Law 2.0 GV (the Grace Version) is so perfect we never need another update again.  Thanks, God, for your brilliance and your benevolence!

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