The Presence Of The Holy Spirit

This morning I felt again this kind of "pressure" in my upper body/chest/abdomen/gut/heart whatever that I have associated for years with the internal pressure of the Holy Spirit prompting me in my life.  Today, I was feeling it even more pronounced - and really about something non-essential - putting out the garbage.  I felt like I should probably put out the garbage, but I put it off for about thirty minutes and went back to working on the computer.  The pressure or urge never really went away but I could ignore it for a while.  Then, I felt the pressure come back or increase and I actively thought about what this pressure might mean.  I thought I could hear the garbage truck from miles away as the Spirit was trying to help me not only recognize His presence in my life but also what He was saying to me... so, I got up from my desk in the middle of a sentence I was writing, and put the garbage out.  Two minutes later, the truck comes and picks up my garbage.  I was so happy that I did a little dance and praised the Spirit for being my friend.  I think the Spirit is teaching me…  and He is taking delight in helping me as He teaches me.  I think more than anything else, I'm beginning (if not reaffirming) that this feeling I get IS the Holy Spirit and He is talking to me and, when I get this same feeling in the future, to drop what I'm doing and listen to this feeling right away.  I know I'll be happy if I listen AND respond.

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