What if?

Life IS NOT Meaningless. There is hope. Yesterday I spent the day with my oldest boy and we went to a park. On one of the metal park beams holding up the slide was a message written in black marker, "Life is meaningless."

I wanted to so badly tell the child who wrote that message to share his frustration and to get other people to delve into that with him that it wasn't the truth.

I used to be the spokesperson for the “Life-Is-Meaningless Club,” and when I saw that message, I began to believe it again. But I remembered something I was taught years ago. Something I've been pursuing now for years. Trying to get to know why I am here - (what my past means and what my future holds for me). A pastor friend of mine, (happily married and with 5 kids) said in his Bible study many times in his church, "I can't wait to die. If that means I get to be with Jesus in eternity... I can't wait."

If you haven't yet read, Epic by John Eldredge, or seen his DVD version, you might want to sometime. In there he quotes C.S. Lewis at the end of, The Chronicles Of Narnia, where Aslan says that the kids and their parents did die, and were now in the heaven that they have always dreamed of, and they never have to leave, and their lives are actually now just beginning. Your life really begins after you die... "and a wild hope rose up within them."

What if it were true? What if all of this life was just practice or the “pregame” show? What if our everyday lives here are simply for our enjoyment? And, if they are getting us down, we can turn the corner in our minds and have hope for the best future God can imagine for us. What if every day there was better than the last?

What if? I can't wait now. I am eager for heaven. What will it be like?